Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nannying fussbucket of the week: Tracey "Ban Alcohol" Crouch MP


Some "charity" or other has got some headlines by saying that serving drinks at school events 'sets a bad example' to children. And, as ever there's a politician on hand to call for the ban:

Swanswell (that's the "charity" in question) has given evidence to an all-party parliamentary group on alcohol misuse.

Tracey Crouch, Tory MP for Chatham and Aylesford, who chairs the committee, said she would support reforms to ensure that the sale of alcohol was not permitted in schools. "Alcohol is so visible elsewhere that I don't think it needs to be on school premises."

Ms Crouch has form and joins a growing list of Tory MPs I'd find it very difficult to vote for.



Curmudgeon said...

Unfortunately three of the others who immediately spring to mind are all women - Sarah Wollaston, Claire Perry and Anna Soubry.

Your local male MP, of course, is a true hero.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Frankly, I've seen it as part of our parental duty to equip our kids to drink sensibly before they disappear off to uni and drink stupidly. One down, two years to work on the other.