Monday, 8 June 2015

If you don't want your view spoiling, buy the view....


NIMBYs are fine if they're like Canadian philanthropist, Jim Hill:

Philanthropist Jim Hill is very proud of the Inglewood art gallery he founded in 2012.

So much so, that when a proposed development threatened the view from the gallery’s showpiece west-facing window, he bought the lot — and cancelled the development completely.

Which is the whole point. If you want to keep that view, you have to own that view. Otherwise someone can (and probably will) block it.


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Anonymous said...

But if it is decided, for example, that it is necessary to plant a row of pylons across 'your view', then compulsory purchase powers can be used to overcome your proprietorial preferences - so even 'ownership' of the view is not secure. (See today's press for case evidence).