Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Your caring, sharing NHS at its most cruel

I know the term 'health fascism' is pretty polemical and intended to shock. But the truth is that increasingly public health 'campaigners' (as the newspapers always call them) have created a culture around their obsessions that is unpleasant, officious and even cruel:
What happened I found out in stages - apparently someone saw me at the week-end refilling the vape from the 'sipped case' - and told them. This evening a nurse walked over to me me and said, 'what a sweet little teddy' and proceeded to play with him - 'Oh do you keep your pen in there, good heavens no its a vape'. It was so odd that I didn't twig at first. Well, I got the rules and regulations read to me in such a patronising tone of voice.
This dying woman has one small remaining pleasure removed because the rules - rules without any basis in health - don't allow it. As Dick Puddlecote points out this is a women "on a regime of intravenous Ketamine - the drug designed to stun a rampaging elephant - and Oxycodeine, but apparently nicotine is not to be tolerated." But it's worse - part of this torture is where nurses left the vape pen just out of this paralysed woman's reach.

We're told almost daily how NHS staff are wonderful and caring yet somehow we've reached a point where "as there wasn't evidence to prove that e-cigs were safe or unsafe, they were banned on health grounds" - for people in a hospice receiving palliative care for a terminal illness. Not only is this stupid but it is really cruel. So much for the caring, sharing NHS.

Since you asked, this is what I mean by health fascism.


Anonymous said...

It's not just cruel, it's torture. That bitch who left the vape just out of reach should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Following on from my last post I hear that the good lady has passed away. I loved reading her blogs. R.I.P.