Friday, 18 November 2011

Bah, humbug!


The teachers union, NAS/UWT are having a Christmas 'go slow':

Members of NASUWT are to be ordered not to put up festive decorations or help produce Nativity plays and carol concerts in a dispute which could go on for months.

Frankly, how pathetic can you get. Also those children looking forward to the festive season, excited at the prospect of giving and receiving and Miss says:

"Sorry, Children. No tinsel, no nativity play, no party on the last day. I'm not allowed to help with these becasue all the teachers are cross with a man down in London."

Dreadful. Almost unforgivable.


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Dick Puddlecote said...

This comment is perfect!

"OK then. All school holidays are to be 5 weeks + bank holidays. There will be an 9 hour working day ( any training days to be taken during the holidays), pensions to be in line with the private sector, and if they come out on strike, like the Heads then they will be taken to court and treated , like parents who take their kids out of school in term time. That should focus a few minds"